Before I started my brief career drafting for the Military Industrial Complex, I was the media content manager for the world famous Dennis Hof, who some of you might remember from an HBO series in the early 2000’s called Cathouse… unless you’re one of them youngins that doesn’t even know what HBO was.

My career in legal brothels was pretty exciting at times. While there, I got a cease and desist from America’s Top Model, saw a semi trailer back into the lobby of the BunnyRanch, battled Hof’s Twitter trolls (I was really good at that), hung out with Pauly Shore, went to war with local churches, gave Madam Suzette backrubs, got into politics, and learned what ‘sounding’ is.

My very first task from Dennis was to redesign ALL of the ranch websites. The tool I was given to work with: Adobe Muse. If you’ve never heard of this software, it’s because Muse was one of Adobe’s biggest mistakes, which it doesn’t like to talk about. Why Hof was using this program, I don’t know – since he fired his entire marketing department prior to hiring me to replace them all. They eventually went to WordPress.

The following links are to legal brothels. Don’t follow them if that offends you, if you’re too young to look at boobies, or if you are at work. I lost a couple years of sleep to get these things off the ground, so I’m showing them off here.

Veterans &
Mesothelioma Cancer Guide