Life in Lyon County

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Lyon County, Nevada is the place I call home. With only about 60,000 residents in a span of 2,024 square miles of desert, it’s what I consider the real wild west of the 21st century. Here, you have the freedom to carry a sidearm, drink, smoke, gamble, and even party at legal brothels (not all at once though). While I love it here for these freedoms, and I hope it never changes, I do realize there are some negative side-effects if we’re not careful.

Addiction, trouble with law enforcement, poverty, depression, and other real-life issues can knock us down sometimes. Even if we’re on the straight & narrow, health issues and aging catch up to us all. How’s you back feeling…?

To help my fellow Lyon County residents live their best lives, I’m compiling this growing list of links and information to help. I’ll do my best to keep it up-to-date with new stuff being added often. If you have suggestions, or find errors, feel free to reach out to me:

Help for the seasoned residents of our community

Help and information for us common folk

Important school links

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