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Also known as nope ropes and spicy danger noodles.

California Kingsnake


Due to ease of care and a wide range of color variations, the California kingsnake is one of the most popular snakes in captivity.



Coachwhips are thin-bodied snakes with small heads and large eyes with round pupils.

Garter snake


Garter snakes are highly variable in appearance; generally, they have large round eyes with rounded pupils, a slender build, keeled scales (appearing ‘raised’), and a pattern of longitudinal stripes that may or may not include spots (although some have no stripes at all). Certain subspecies have stripes of blue, yellow, or red, mixed with black and beige-tan markings. They also vary significantly in total length, from 18″ to 51″.

Great Basin Gopher Snake


The Great Basin Gopher Snake is a large, non-venomous snake. They have dark, blotchy markings running down their back with lighter, yellowish scales covering the rest of their body. They have large eyes and large heads.

Great Basin Rattlesnake


The Great Basin Rattlesnake is a light brown snake with darker spots running down the middle of it’s back. They can come in shades of brown, gray, olive, and yellow. Like most other rattlesnakes found in Norther America, they have a thick body, the characteristic arrow shaped head, and a rattle on the end of its tail. This snake is a subspecies of the Western Rattlesnake.

Long-nosed snake


Slightly upturned snout, which is the origin of its common name. It is tricolor, vaguely resembling a coral snake, with black and red saddling on a yellow or cream-colored background. Cream-colored spots within the black saddles are a distinct characteristic The total length (including tail) of adults is usually 22–32″, but the maximum record total length is 41″

Northern Rubber Boa


The Northern Rubber Boa is a small snake with a blunt tail and small eyes. The body is typically brown to olive green with a light belly. They are somewhat pink when they’re young and get darker as they age.

Striped whipsnake


The striped whipsnake is approximately 30-72″ inches in total length (including tail). This snake exhibits black, dark brown, or gray coloration on its back, often with an olive or bluish tint. Along the center of each of the first four rows of pale dorsal scales, is a dark longitudinal stripe. There is a white to cream-colored stripe down its side that is bisected by either a solid or dashed black line. The coloring on the snake’s belly tends to be cream to yellowish, fading to white toward the head, and coral pink toward the tail.

Western ground snake


The western ground snake is a species of small, harmless colubrid snake. Its patterning and coloration can vary widely.

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