As newspapers started dying off, I had to find work in new industries. I took a job in 2008 as a graphic artist for Calculated Industries, where I designed packaging, displays, apps, and even the products themselves.

The Hot Rod Calc was an automotive performance calculator developed by Calculated Industries, which was later sold to Mr. Gasket. With this project, I got to develop the product colors, key labels, packaging, user’s guides, and mobile app. Since Calculated had one license for an old 3D rendering program called Strata 3D, I used it to create a short intro animation, which you can see a still of at the bottom left corner of the package.

After nearly 8 years of staring at calculators, I decided to expand my horizons once again.

My wife and I used to enjoy watching HBO’s Cathouse back in the early 2000’s. It just so happens the Moonlite BunnyRanch is only a few minutes away from where we live! When I saw a job listed for Media Content Manager, I thought I’d give it a shot. I got to sit down with the man himself – Dennis Hof, who hired me on the spot.

The next 4 years were pretty wild! Dennis used me for graphic design, illustration, IT work, live video production, and once, I was even a Dj. While I don’t miss them usually happening at 5-6am, I miss the daily text messages from the boss. In his own way, he really seemed to care about me, and so did Madam Suzette.

Rest in peace, Dennis Hof.

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