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I have been a Dayton resident since 2001. All 5 of my children are Lyon County public school students. This is my home, and I want to do my part to serve it.

Any politician will tell you he or she cares about their community. Few have been willing to put in the time that I have to help it. From forming the nonprofit called Desert Pigs to clean up illegal dumpsites all over Nevada, to donating my kidney to save a stranger a couple streets away, I’ve been involved in many adventures. Over the past 6 years, I have hosted blood drives in many towns, collecting enough units to potentially save 1,998 lives. I have also been working hard to take care of the local homeless residents, helping them survive while bridging the gap between them and services.

One of my 5 children has left the Wooley nest so far. Because of the lack of work and affordable housing, he had to move to Sparks to get his start.

I want to see Lyon County’s growth managed and sustainable. We need to pause on new developments, and review our progress and future plans to create self-sustaining communities with a balance of residential, commercial, and industrial growth that actually benefits the people living there. While we’re at it, let’s stop cramming neighborhoods next to Highway 50, then trying to slow it down after a certain number of deaths occur on the road.

Cut the commute! Let’s zone more commercial lands, and stop regulating businesses out of town. I don’t know about you all, but I am sick of commuting an hour to get to the office. Gas isn’t getting any cheaper.

Have you ever driven from Yerington to Fernley? How about Mound House to Smith Valley? If you haven’t already learned this, our county is huge. Towns are many miles apart. This presents a unique challenge for deputies and social workers. I would like to see LCSO equipped with better gear. I would also like to expand programs like M.O.S.T. to better cover the diverse individual needs in this geographically challenging landscape. We need more training and support for our deputies to keep them safe while preventing burnout. We must protect our thin blue line.

Every town in Lyon County has a growing population of homeless people. Many of them are veterans. Simply making it illegal to be homeless, like they did in Washoe County, is cruel and simply stupid. Short-sighted quick fixes will never solve the issue. Tossing homeless into the revolving door of the penal system is expensive and pointless.

Along with more funding for existing outreach services, I would like to see Lyon County form a multidisciplinary outreach task force designed specifically for reaching homeless residents. Connection to existing services to keep them fed and healthy, plus help with the process of applying for housing services could be offered. Individuals experiencing mental crisis and addiction could be better identified for other outreach services. Instead of treating the symptoms of homelessness, let’s cure it at the source.

Like the majority of people in my county, I struggle to make ends meet. I make that commute for work and shopping, while my kids do the best they can in public schools. I’ve worked two jobs while also having to stand in line at the food pantry. I am not a wealthy business owner, nor am I a career politician. My only ambition is to serve the place I call home – to ensure my kids don’t all have to move far away to find their futures. I want Lyon County to be a place they want to raise my grandkids. This is my motivation to run for County Commissioner District 3.

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